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Innovative design that inspires a better world and thoughtful lifestyle.

Harka was founded with an inquisitive spirit and lofty objective: to create beautiful and inspiring spaces that possess the lowest carbon footprint possible while empowering their inhabitants to live environmentally responsible and toxin-free lifestyles. Using existing carbon data, toxicology information, and life style analyses, our team makes informed decisions when designing spaces and specifying materials. Our designs are fun, healthy, and attractive while encouraging better and smarter living.

As an added service, we are taking these ideas a step further to develop guidelines to help our clients make more informed decisions about their personal impacts on the planet. Our focus is not what is given up, but what is gained through thoughtful, responsible living and treading lightly on the earth.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Patrick Donaldson

Principal Architect | Patrick@HarkaHQ.com

Patrick Donaldson is a registered architect in Oregon, Washington and Alaska. He has a diverse background working with many building types such as museums, historical theaters, retail facilities, restaurants, emergency response structures, multi-family, master plans, and single family homes.

Patrick received Bachelors degree in upstate New York from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Art History and Architectural Studies, then went on to get his Masters in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. During this time he studied in Europe which gave him invaluable urban design experience. Prior to arriving in Portland in 2004, he spent five months as a volunteer in Nepal designing a school, which changed the trajectory of his career.

The experience led to spending 9 years at Communitecture as the sole Project Architect and company Director. There he focused on cutting edge sustainable design and natural building with a strong community platform. He is a LEED Accredited Professional, a Certified Energy Manager, and a Certified Passive House Consultant. With a broad understanding of energy conservation and construction methods, he is a talented designer, problem solver, and valuable on-site representative.

Patrick has been playing rugby since 1993 and served as President of the Portland Rugby Club for five years. He spends many of his weekends playing matches in the Northwest. He is also into bicycling, motorcycling, record collecting, learning piano, performing improv, and garage sales.


Tammy Dunn

Project Architect | Tammy@HarkaHQ.com

Tammy’s passion for design stems from a diverse artistic background and a desire to create. She graduated from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Architecture and studied urban planning and architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark. With minors in Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Design, Tammy is committed to integrating architecture with the landscape to create communities and lifestyles that are more livable and healthy.

Tammy has worked with Patrick for over ten years and values the working design relationship they have developed together. She is a licensed architect in Oregon and has professional experience working on many types of residential, commercial, and natural building projects.

Outside of work, Tammy finds herself involved in community-building projects with her Southwest Portland neighborhood. She has volunteered with City Repair's Village Building Convergence annual placemaking projects and is delighted to see so many individuals actively redefining the norms. She also participates in the Columbia Land Trust and Audubon Society’s Backyard Habitat Certification Program, and is excited to integrate permaculture design principals with native plantings to create a backyard landscape that benefits both neighbors and the critters who live here.

Away from the office, Tammy also enjoys adventures in the snow, gardening, painting & crafting, practicing yoga, and making regular blood donations to the American Red Cross.

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Joshua Jewett

Architect | Joshua@HarkaHQ.com

Joshua began making at an early age, building and renovating childhood family homes with his father. Formally educated at Kansas State University and The Bauhaus Dessau Institute of Architecture in Germany, Joshua holds a Master of Architecture degree. While in college he was editor-in-chief for the 32nd Volume of the Oz Journal: Professional Amateurs, and was part of the Kansas State University design-build team in the 2008 Solar Decathlon—an international competition to build an off-grid solar powered, energy efficient home. After college he continued making with firms in Kansas and Arkansas who melded architecture and prototyping, with a belief that a full shop would encourage teams to test ideas and fabricate beautiful, healthful realities.

With a hands-on approach to building, design, and healthful living, Joshua is experienced in a number of project types ranging from furniture design and fabrication to residential housing, retail and branding development to commercial office, as well as medical student-practitioner space and higher education. This diversity of project types affords an open-minded  approach to his design and project management style.

Outside the office Joshua is a runner, competing in marathons, relays, and everything in between. He bikes most everywhere in town, and enjoys backpacking the Pacific Northwest. He and his partner also keep a year round garden and strive to grow about half of their own produce. He is a dog person; he is a cat person; and he is unabashedly a cold weather person and a Timbers supporter, forever more. #rctid


Sara Mahoney

Designer | Sara@HarkaHQ.com

Sara’s interest in the built environment grew from a young age as she worked with her family’s home building company. She pursued a career in architecture and urban design out of a desire to discover innovative, affordable ways to integrate sustainable strategies into traditional building practice. She is interested in the ways that our built environments structure our daily habits, provide a framework for our relationship to the natural world, and inform how we interact with others and engage with our communities. Sara is passionate about developing ethical, holistic design solutions that are socially and environmentally responsible over their entire life-cycles, while being accessible to everyone across the socioeconomic spectrum, including those traditionally underserved by the design community.

Sara graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oregon and during her studies traveled to Italy to study traditional town form and Finland to study modern Finnish architecture. She has a minor in geography and enjoys spending her free time exploring the Pacific Northwest. Sara worked for a green building nonprofit learning and implementing sustainable building techniques, particularly at an affordable level. After graduating, she worked at mid-scale firms gaining experience working on a wide variety of international and domestic projects. She has been with Harka since May of 2016.

Sara also loves disco, karaoke, and dogs.


Harka always brings our expertise in environmentally aware and site conscious design to all new projects. Our architectural services and experience include, but are not limited to: 

  • Residential design for New Construction / Remodels / Additions / Interior Design / Masterplanning / Multifamily

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) / Detached Bedrooms

  • Aribnb rental units (attached or detached)

  • Commercial building design / Retail / Educational / Manufacturing / Cannabis

  • Presentation renderings / Fundraising materials

  • Change of Occupancy / Change of Use

  • Code and Zoning Reviews / Land Use Reviews

  • Building Permit applications submitted and processed at local jurisdictions