ADA Remodel


Project is underway.

When making this home wheelchair accessible and adding an elevator, it was also an opportunity to improve the layout’s overall functionality. Remodel goals include that it not feel like a quick solution to provide wheelchair access, but for the updated design to feel original to the home, to improve livability, and to seamlessly allow aging in place.

The new, spacious kitchen allows plenty of room for wheelchair navigation, while varied counter heights create a diversity of accessible work surfaces and roll-under counters. Walls were removed in existing circulation areas to improve overall navigation in the home, while elimination of several structural walls allows daylight to filter into the entire living space.

Sustainable, low-carbon features include adding insulation at remodeled exterior walls, minimizing concrete in the design of new footings, and specifying EPS rigid insulation in lieu of the less-healthy XPS insulation.

Adding wheelchair accessibility also improves this home’s functionality & natural daylighting.