Five Zero Trees Dispensary (Astoria)

Astoria, OR

This dispensary, like the Division location, draws from its roots in the Pacific Northwest with use of natural wood and an iconic mural of the Astoria–Megler Bridge. Heavy steel and vintage details evoke the traditional industries of the region. Wood screens with corrugated translucent plastic are integrated to visually screen areas of the retails space as required by local code while allowing some daylight through.

Because Astoria is a tourist port town drawing visitors from afar, the client wanted to create a destination for visitors to learn about Oregon’s marijuana industry that would be more than just a dispensary, but also a place to learn about the benefits of cannabis, the details of growing and diversity of available products.

Design for this project also includes a second phase that expands the exhibition hall down the full length of the building and along a display grow. The hallway is oversized to allow room for interpretive displays and gathering. New colonnades reinforce the existing column bay, along with angled walls that create larger pockets for gathering and break up the long, linear space. This expansion creates more of a tourist destination that the client originally envisioned. This second phase is currently unbuilt.

More than a dispensary, this is a place to learn about Oregon's marijuana industry.