Break Bread Sandwich Shop

SW Portland, OR

Under Construction

Break Bread is a sandwich shop opening its first location in the Pearl District. This commercial TI takes advantage of the existing double height space and extensive windows with an open layout and natural, minimalist finishes. The client wanted a large wood slab table for shared dining, which we located in the northeast corner to create a dining room highly visible from the street.

The existing space has an industrial feel with lots of exposed concrete, ducts and equipment at the ceiling. The new space features wood, plants, a colorful mural by a local artist (not pictured), and nature motifs to bring softness. A built-in wood trellis/shelving unit screens the bathroom while allowing light to filter to the hallway and creates a structure for plants to grow. The design also includes finish plywood cut into the shape of a treeline along the entrance screening the kitchen.

Natural materials and minimalist details bring softness to an industrial space.