We can help you design and permit a project from scratch or retrofit an existing building. We are also available to help you get an existing project legalized or help push through a project that is currently hung up in permitting. And we can be there for general consulting to coach you through the design and permitting processes. Our experience includes grows (residential and commercial), processing facilities, and dispensaries.

We are greatly concerned about the energy use and carbon footprint of marijuana grow operations, and we want to help the industry get out in front of this issue.

Our training as Certified Energy Managers has given us the tools to save you money, while cutting the carbon footprint of your operation, without sacrificing the quality of your product.


  • 23 Years as Commercial Architect

  • 16 Years of Sustainable and Low Carbon Design Work

  • 15 Years as an Architect in City of Portland and Surrounding Jurisdictions

  • 9 Years Growing Medical Cannabis