Mt. Tabor Artist Studio

SE Portland, OR

This 700 square foot art studio replaces the residence’s garage, creating a custom space for SitePainters artists Laura and John, and was designed so it can be converted into an ADU if desired. A saltbox roof line enables a taller, 12-foot-high wall along the non-windowed property line, ideal for staging larger art installations, and an interior layer of plywood detailed behind the interior sheetrock maximizes flexibility for hanging artwork here. The southern roof slope is designed for a future solar array, while skylights on the north slope permit diffused natural light to illuminate this vaulted-ceiling art space. The economical cementitious siding was laid out in a playful pattern of geometry, textures, and colors that suite the artists’ tastes. The poplar plywood floor was an cost-effective solution for a beautiful and practical working surface.

The wood from the old garage was salvaged and reused to build a new tool shed adjacent to the studio.

Creative space designed for the future.

Project done in collaboration with Communitecture