Richmond Addition

SE Portland, OR

This modest 360 square foot addition creates three new master suites, a laundry room, and a physical connection to the backyard of this compact property. Instead of building up to create new living space, this design expanded downward to maintain the existing neighborhood scale of the 1920s home. Project scope included an extensive driveway excavation which not only brought daylight into the new basement living spaces, but also created usable outdoor gathering spaces. Furthermore, a massive multi-family building was recently completed next door, and the lowered outdoor space has the added benefit of increased privacy from the complex above.

The owner’s goal was to make additional living space for a growing family on the main level, as well as comfortable, private quarters for visiting in-laws with basement bedrooms. Similar to “detached bedrooms” on a larger property, the new basement bedrooms are separate from the main living area, yet share common amenities and outdoor gathering spaces. The property is adjacent to the bustling SE Division Street, so when the basement bedrooms are not occupied by family they will make excellent short-term rentals.

Master suites addition boasts ample natural daylight & outdoor connections.