Sabin Green + ADU

NE Portland, OR

As part of a collection of four buildings comprising a CoHousing model, two homes were created on one lot as a main house with an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) under separate ownership. The adjacent lot’s work included a renovation of the existing home and garage to create a similar main house plus ADU scenario.

The four homes were designed to create a communal outdoor gathering place with an additional community-built teahouse made of natural materials. Green features include radiant floor heating, on-site stormwater management, solar hot water heating, photovoltaics for electricity, straw clay walls and cob plaster, and recycled structural and finish wood and windows.

The 650 square foot ADU features an internal configuration that is open and sculptural, uniting upper and lower levels with double height spaces. The central spiral staircase provides functional storage cubbies while creating definition between the living spaces.

Playful, sustainable & intentional cohousing.

Project done in collaboration with Communitecture